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Our objective is simple - there are fantastic consultants who are experts in their fields and can deliver perfect results to clients. But how do clients find the right consultant?

For the Big10-20 Consulting Firm it is easy to expand the marketing budget and reach many prospective clients. Their "Market Visibility" is magnified manifold with:

  • Network effect from a large Partners/Staff strength

  • Huge marketing budget

  • A good existing client base for referral's.

All the above comes at a cost; and guess who pays for these marketing cost? Clients of course! Given a choice; client always prefer a boutique advisory firm which gives them similar or better service and at a reasonable cost.

Are you able to reach the thousands of clients which require your services at any point in time? Is website and LinkedIn the answer! So how many clients have reached out to you after visiting your website? (By-the-way, just check how many pages down in Google Search results does your website appears). How many paying customers have reached out to you through LinkedIn?

If the answers to these questions have gotten you thinking, then ConsultMeApp is the answer for you. You are just a click away to the thousands of prospective clients!

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